Gastonia’s health department demonstrates inclusiveness


Gaston County is asking those who don’t speak English to be aware that the healthcare system available to everyone can eliminate any language barrier, and make something more accessible and inclusive of all people.

“We ourselves” are a business that has fifteen employees who speak fluent Spanish along with English. We have to let Latinx people that we exist and provide services in their native language “said Diana Willman, Latinx Public Relations Coordinator.

Willman was born in Cali, Colombia, but was able to move to America when he turned 19. United States at the age of 19. Willman was brought back to the United States on a mission to learn English and was awarded an associate’s diploma in Human Services from Gardner-Webb University.

“I’ve been working for the Department of Health for 11 years. I was a teacher within the program specifically focused on education for teenagers. The position I held was for the span that lasted four months. as the coordinator of the programme. Latinx populace,” declared Willman.


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